Board of Trustees

Eagles, we are very excited to unveil the CUALA Board of Trustees!

Following a rigorous process that kicked off with the discussions at our March 2023 townhall and nominations from Eagles in April/May, we are glad to present to you our CUALA Board members. These distinguished Eagles accepted your nominations to serve this prestigious association with their skills, experience, networks and passion.

The Board consists of 9 members – including 2 seats for ex-officio members. These offices will be occupied by the immediate past and current CUALA President. As such, following changes in the office of the President, the individuals occupying the ex-officio seats on the board will change.

Ex-Officio members

Eagles, please give a warm welcome to our Board members and wish them well. We are certain that they will strengthen our Association and lead us to greater heights by the grace of God

Note: Following the resignation of Marie Ukpere in April 2024, Munachi Duru joined the CUALA Board of Trustees with effect from the 12th of May 2024. Please refer to the CUALA newsletter dated June 2024 for more details.

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