CUALA Decides 2023

Welcome to the CUALA Elections 2023 website! Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the upcoming elections for our prestigious alumni association.

Election activities officially kick off on Tuesday, the 11th of July 2023 and we’ve put together a few links below to keep you informed and empowered to take action. We encourage you to actively engage participate in the upcoming elections as the current leaders pass on the baton to the next set of leaders who will take this community to the next level of greatness.


To run a successful election, we need credible Eagles to vye for leadership positions within the alumni association.

Find out who is eligible and the roles and responsibilities of the offices available and nominate someone (including yourself) today

Another crucial part of running a free and fair election is the Electoral Committee. Meet them here


Only Eagles with updated contact information (correct email address, location, etc) will be able to get timely information that will enable them successfully participate in the upcoming elections. Please take a few minutes to review and update your profile as needed. We don’t want you to miss out of this important moment in our community’s journey.

Update your details here

Here are a few other links you might need

Campaign guidelines – what are the guidelines for candidates during the campaign period?

Election timelines

FAQs – frequently asked questions

Roles & Responsibilities of the various leadership positions

Voters Registration