CUALA Tuition Support Scheme – FAQs

Q: What is the purpose of the tuition support scheme?
A:  It is a platform to give-back by providing tuition support to current Covenant University
undergraduates who are prospective Eagles

Q: Who is eligible for the tuition support? 
A: Only final year undergraduate students of Covenant University with verifiable financial difficulties are eligible for the support

Q: How can one apply for the programme?
A: The link to the application form can be found by Clicking Here

Only applications submitted via this link will be considered
Q: Is this support open to only students from specific courses? 
A: No, the support is available to all final year students in financial need across all courses of study

Q: Is this support open to only students with specific grades/class of degrees?
A: No, all students, regardless of their grades are encouraged to apply, as long as they are in
financial need

Q: What medium/channel will be used for correspondence? 
A: All correspondence will be strictly via the official Covenant University email addresses

Q: Are applicants required to upload their unofficial transcripts?
A: Yes, there is a field in the form for applicants to upload their unofficial transcript

Q: Is it important to state the payment deadline?
A: Yes, this is a required field in the application form

Q: How long will it take to get feedback on the application?
A: We will contact successful applicants within 2 weeks. Incomplete applications will be not be considered

Q: How much will be provided for each applicant?
A: The amount to be granted to successful applicants will be communicated directly to them. We will offer as much support as we can afford, based on the number of applications and the funding pool available

Q: Can an application be made on behalf of someone?
A: No, the applicant must be the one in need of the tuition support