Endowment Fund

The CUALA Endowment Fund gives Eagles the chance to donate towards a number of credible initiatives aimed at promoting the Eagles community in various ways. These include initiatives such as Business Support, Welfare Programs, Educational & Tuition Support, and other programs/initiatives to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Covenant University.

Covenant University Alumni Association (CUALA) is determined to raise a target Fund value of ₦1 billion by 2029 with a first fundraising target of ₦100 million by October 2022.

We believe that with ₦10,000 from 10,000 Eagles, we can achieve our first fundraising target of ₦100 million by October 2022. Join the #10kby10k movement by making a transfer to the account details below or clicking on any of the links below to donate!

Account Number: 1015670556
Account Name: Covenant University Alumni Association
Bank Name: UBA

We’ve also collated answers to some questions

How will we manage the Endowment Fund

The CUALA Endowment Fund would be activated for disbursement from June 2023 and to ensure the appropriate management of this fund, the following measures have been put in place:

  1. A fund management policy has been developed to guide its utilisation and accountability, including periodic reporting and annual independent valuation
  2. A 7-member committee of CU graduates (5 Eagles nominated by the community and 2 CUALA EXCOs) with diverse skills and specialities is being set up to manage the fund. Nominated Eagles are being reviewed by CUALA Leadership and nominees are being engaged to confirm their commitment. Nominate an Eagle to join the committee. The Committee members would be published by Dec 2022
  3. Proposals from asset management firms are being reviewed for fund management services
  4. Annual independent fund valuation reports would be published from 2023