Ep.02 Lily Perez (New Worship Album launch), Bez (UK Worship Tour starts in July 2024)

July 2024 is a super-exciting month with two Worship themed launches featuring Lily Perez & Bez, both Music Artists in the Gospel genre.

Gospel Artist – Lily Perez
Album title – The Evidence

“If you’re looking for the one who God has blessed, take a look at me… I am the evidence. This is our testimony, and so should yours be” – Lily Perez

Lily’s website: www.lilyperezlive.com

Listen on YouTube: https://youtube.com/@lilypereztv?si=TIYcPkWaPfdji94l

Listen on other music platforms: https://hypeddit.com/lily-perez/the-evidence

Lily on Instagram

Gospel Artist – Bez
Worship tour name – Made to Shine

“2 years ago, we left Nigeria for the UK, giving everything away and going on a jourey we didn’t understand. It was clear God had instructed us. Today I’m here, grateful and filling up the skies with praise for what God has done and for what we’re walking into” – Bez Idakula

For FREE UK tour tickets (starting July 2024) : https://matslive.org

Bez on Instagram

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