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Are you ready to relive the nostalgia, reconnect with old friends, and create new memories?

Our events at CUALA are designed to bring fellow Eagles together for unforgettable experiences. While we have two annual flagship events – Investiture and Eagles Summit, we also organize physical and virtual events at Chapter and Flight levels to foster connectivity amongst our members.

Wondering why you should be at the next CUALA event near you? Here are some reasons;

  1. Reconnect: It gives you an opportunity to reunite with old friends and classmates, and make new connections.
  2. Fun and Entertainment: You can also enjoy a variety of activities, entertainment, and delicious food and drinks at our events.
  3. Networking: Our events offer you a great way to expand your personal, professional and social network.
  4. Learn and Grow: By participating in our workshops and sessions, you have the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills.

June 2024

In line with our vision to empower the economic status of Eagles, we have lots of career, business & finance focused events lined up for you this month plus hangouts.

Career focused event

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