Voting Process

Click Here to read the Voting Instructions including how to find/reset your login details

Then, click the button below to VOTE! (Voting starts Saturday 23rd October 2021)

Note – the deadline to update your details OR register for voting has passed!

Step #1 – Update your Details (Deadline Friday 20th Oct)

Without updating your details, the system can’t identify you. So please follow the process below to get your details up to date. After you have updated your details using the button below, proceed with Step #2 the following day to ensure that your data has been fully verified.

Note – if you can’t remember your matric number, you can visit data to use our reminder page. Simply enter only your year of graduation, program and names!

Step #2 – Get your CUALA PVC (Deadline 20th Oct)

This is the actual voters’ registration process where you will need to provide your matric number, year of graduation and the email address we have for you on our records. When you complete the registration process, a voting account will be setup for you. This will be used for the voting excercise on the 23rd of October 2021.

For anyone who is still struggling to complete the Voters’ Registration Process

Case 1 : You get Alumni emails but you don’t know your matno – use our reminder service

Note – in the last email sent to you (the title is Step #2 Voters’ Registration), your matno is in there (to remind you)

Case 2 : You have never received Alumni emails and have never subscribed to our database – update your contact details!

Voters – Update your Contact Details

After updating your details, try the voters’ registration again tomorrow!!!

Still having challenges?

Then you will need to contact the Alumni Secretariat ASAP via any of the contact details provided at the bottom of this web page.