Covenant University Alumni Association (CUALA) is the global network of Eagles, soaring globally in different parts of the world, across different industries.

Raised from Covenant University as solution providers, we have a mission as leaders to impact the world and contribute positively within our spheres of influence. We join our Alma Mater, Covenant University, in flying our banner high everywhere we go.

Our programs and activities are designed to elevate our flight as Eagles. These include programs aimed at sharpening our spirituality, equipping us with the tools and skills needed to achieve our professional and entrepreneurial ambitions, as well as highlighting opportunities to give back to both our alma mater, the alumni community and the broader society.

We are a strong, close-knit community committed to lifting one another up to and equally committed to making a significant impact in society.

To our dear Eagles, we encourage you to stay connected with us.

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