Campaign Guidelines

  1. Only the final approved candidates/their representatives can share their campaign materials (fliers, videos, etc) on the CUALA Facebook and WhatsApp groups.
  2. All Eagles can share any campaign materials on their personal pages/handles.
  3. Each candidate and their representative is allowed to put up one campaign post daily on the CUALA Facebook and WhatsApp groups. This is to ensure that the community is given the appropriate space to digest posts efficiently.
  4. No campaign post should directly or indirectly speak against other candidates
  5. All other general social media platform policies and guidelines (eg. Facebook/WhatsApp policy) in place should also be adhered to
  6. The CUALA Facebook page is the official campaign platform for all candidates because it’s internal/private. Candidates may also consider using WhatsApp groups. Candidates and their representatives are encouraged to use public access platforms to reach electorates and not spam their personal WhatsApp and email addresses with campaign materials.
  7. Candidates are encouraged to advice their campaign team members to act with civility towards other candidates. Bullying, condescending talk or any form of character assassination will not be tolerated, and the candidate involved will be disqualified. Any candidate found flouting this rule will be disqualified from running.
  8. Candidates or their representatives are not allowed to campaign or solicit votes during the quiet period. Violation of this rule will lead to disqualification.
    • NB: Candidates have three (3) warning strikes, which leads to disqualification and removal from the race/ballot

Please see the elections guidelines here