CUALA relies on payment of annual alumni dues and donations to sustain our alumni association.

Alumni dues

We encourage all Eagles to pay an annual fee of N4,000 as their alumni dues. If you are looking to pay your CUALA dues but are not sure how much you are to pay, you can click here to download your dues statement

We’ve also made giving easy. You can make one-off payments or automate your payments by clicking on the link below.

Please note all automated payments will be reconciled with your Alumni Dues statement on a weekly basis.


Donations are the perfect way for anyone to give towards advancing the great work we do at CUALA. You don’t have to be an Eagle to donate. You can make a one-off donation in naira and recurring donations in naira and dollars by clicking on any of the links below.

Thank you in advance for your kind donations.

The goal is to raise a target Fund value of ₦1 billion by 2029 to fund business support, welfare, educational & tuition support programs for Eagles (current and incoming)