CUALA Voter Registration Portal

Dear Eagle,

Welcome to the Voter’s Registration Portal for CUALA Supplementary Elections 2024.

We had previously announced that we will not open up voters registration for these supplementary elections and we would rely on the registrations that had been done last year as previously communicated. However, we have received significant feedback from the community requesting that this decision be reconsidered to allow Eagles who didn’t register at the last elections register to vote for the supplementary elections. 

In the interest of inclusion and encouraging increased engagement, the CUALA Board of Trustees has approved the re-opening of voters registration for these supplementary elections. 

This will only apply to new registrations. All previously registered voters will NOT be required to re-register.

Please note that every information we receive will be treated with utmost confidentiality according to Data Protection standards.

N.B: Please keep your Covenant University data (matric no., program and flight) safe. No representative of CUALA will call/email you for this information. Kindly email to flag request for these details outside of this form.

Click here if you’ve forgotten your Matric Number as you need it to register!