Student Support Programs

Alumni Student Support Scheme

The Alumni has, over the past years, supported students who are unable to pay part or full tuition through its Alumni Student Support Scheme (Tuition Support).

Since its inception, fifty-nine (59) students have benefited from the Tuition Support. Please see the breakdown in the table below:

Academic YearNo. Of BeneficiariesAmount (NGN)

In 2023/24, we announced the CUALA Eagles Scholars Award program funded by the CUALA Endowment Fund

CUALA Student Mentorship Program

One of our objectives in CUALA is giving back to our beloved Alma Mater – students, faculty and staff. To this end, we are developing a Student Mentorship Program with the purpose of equipping Covenant University students with practical knowledge, and guidance to help them transition to and thrive in the marketplace upon graduation.